Cloud Collaboration Platform for Cities

On every device. No IT headaches.

Geoteamz uses a transformational technology called geo collaboration to help city departments manage incidents, objects, and people spread over large areas. It combines advanced mapping, communication, and notification tools across all devices and operating systems. It’s cloud architecture allows the smallest of cities to the largest to participate.

How can Geoteamz help your city or department?

Cambridge, MA
Population: 188k

Customer since 2015

Miami-Dade County
Population: 2.7 million

Customer Since 2015

Community On Patrol public facing app

Rye, NH
Population: 5.5k

Customer since 2017

Worcester, MA
Population: 186k

Customer since 2018

Quincy, MA
Population: 95k

Customer since 2014

Portsmouth, NH
Population: 22k

Customer since 2013

Lowell, MA
Population: 112k

Customer since 2012

Bedford, NH
Population: 21k

Customer since 2012

Northampton, MA
Population: 29k

Customer since 2019

Dover, NH
Population: 32k

Customer since 2015

Weymouth, MA
Population: 58k

Customer since 2013

Seabrook, NH
Population: 9k

Customer since 2016

Shrewsbury, MA
Population: 38k

Customer since 2019

Milford, NH
Population: 15k

Customer since 2013

Somerville, MA
Population: 82k

Customer since 2019

Exeter, NH
Population: 14k

Customer since 2013

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