Geoteamz for Public Works

Geoteamz advanced mapping system provides a virtual representation of the real world. You instantly know which roads are closed, under repair or flooded, which culverts need mending, and where the downed trees or broken hydrants are. If the city engineer wants to know how a construction is progressing, she can open a video chat with the site foreman. This means she can be at more than one place at the same time! Portable cameras at the site allow full time monitoring for work and security purposes. The application of geo collaboration to public works is limited only by your imagination.

Advanced Mapping
Esri, Azure Map, Apple Maps, customizable layers, and user-defined object types.

Video streaming, audio, video, and text chatting.

Video Surveillance
Connects with camera systems set up at construction sites or critical infrastructure. This video is available to everyone in the department subject to roles and privileges.

Cloud Architecture
This means you don’t need local IT infrastructure or personnel to manage it.

Runs on every device
iOS, Android and browser support, and unlimited licensing mean that its available on their desktops in the office or their phones when they are away, on the tablet on the trucks and snowplows providing not only situational awareness to the driver but their location information to everyone else as well as instant communication between the parties.

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