Geoteamz for DOT

One of the most important requirements of the department of transportation is managing and tracking its mobile assets, such as public transit vehicles. For example, information about bus locations, stops, and routes can be made available to both DOT and passengers alike. Imagine passengers at a stop being able to notify the driver that they are waiting for the bus, or the driver on a handicap route being able to see the details of the passengers needs, securely, using Geoteamz advanced role-based system. The possibilities are unlimited.

Geoteamz can significantly enhance the safety of the drivers and passengers in case of trouble. The driver can tap a silent SOS button to alert police, who can then track the location of the vehicle and monitor the real-time video being streamed by cameras inside.

Geoteamz has the basic architectural and technological foundation to implement such a system. However, DOT requirements from city to city vary sufficiently, requiring customization of the Geoteamz platform.

Fortunately, the developer of Geoteamz, Zco Corporation, is an award-winning app and system developer. Zco can work with the cities, their transit systems, and system integrators to tailor Geoteamz to match their needs.

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